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You couldn’t make it up...

I didn‘t think I’d be blogging about this trip. After all, it wasn’t gifted to us and nobody needs advice on how to lie in the sun all day taking complete advantage of an all-inclusive package*

But then something funny happened.

I last came to Cyprus in 1992, on my first honeymoon. Ian has never been at all so when we decided to take a week out after I finished work it seemed like a great springtime destination.

After a a walk into Paphos harbour on day 3 I thought I’d look at google maps to see where I’d stayed previously (The Paphian Bay Hotel) was in relation to where we were staying this time, because I knew we hadn’t passed it on our walk. I was tying to work out how much more populated Paphos has become since I was last here. It seems not very much more, because we are actually staying in the very same hotel I stayed in on my honeymoon 27 years ago.

Yup, you couldn’t make it up. It’s completely different now of course, and I never would have recognised it if I hadn’t googled. It’s been in its new guise since 2010. The hotel was closed for approximately 2 years while it underwent a complete makeover into the beauty it is now. Across the hotel they knocked 2 rooms into one to make each suite, so it’s no wonder I didn’t recognise it from the previous time I was here. And of course most Mediterranean hotel lobbies, bars and pools look fairly similar.

It hasn’t really weirded me out to be honest, apart from the very fact that it’s happened at all!

Of all the hotels in all the world...

*if you are wondering, we booked with Kuoni, flew with BA and are staying at the Asimina Suites in Paphos


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